Women's Ministry

The Women's Department is designed and set up to minister to the needs of the women that make up the BTCC family and our community. The Word of God is our blueprint and Proverbs 31 is a key to our success. We meet on a regular basis to discuss the challenges we may be experiencing first as a woman, a mother, a wife, a sister or a woman in the church. These meetings may consist of prayer, Bible study or we may meet just for a time of fun.
Our retreats for women: The women are ministered to holistically - spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Our retreats and gatherings provide a safe place for women to be themselves and share their unique challenges outside of their church and agency.
Women are relationship-oriented and need to connect with other women in order to grow, mature, and learn from others who have gone before or to share what they themselves have learned on the journey of faith. God-honoring women's ministry equips us to understand our worth, embrace our gifts, and live God's mission in our lives.




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