Ministries Overview

I.  Making Disciples

One of our key objectives is to make disciples of the men and women who become a part of the BTCC family.  We will accomplish this by establishing a New Member's Orientation Class and required training for those who are willing to become a part of our Church Family.  Mentor relationships will also be set up within the church body of BTCC and our community.

As individuals within the Ministry commit to membership, we will see them begin to mature and grow as Christians.  During this process, we will help them discover their Gifts and Talents that can be used within the BTCC Ministry and abroad.  As they continue to mature, you will begin to see the process of discipleship take place.    

As disciples, we will spread the Good News of Jesus Christ both within our community and abroad using various media venues.  BTCC will take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the masses.   

 II.  Blessed Temple Church Family

Our key objective is to build up and strengthen the family using God's Word as our guide. 

Men's Ministry:  This will be accomplished by establishing a strong healthy department of men that will minister to their needs.  The men will become the Priest, the Protector and the Provider of their homes.  Our men will in-turn, be able to minister to the younger generation right where they are.  We will have meetings, retreats and other outings that are designed to make us the men that God would have us to be.  


Women's Ministry:  The Women's Department is designed and set up to minister to the needs of the women that make up BTCC.  The Word of God is our blueprint and Proverbs 31 is a key to our success.  We will meet on a regular basis and we will also have retreats and outings that are designed to make us the Women that God would have us to be.


Youth & Children's Ministry:  We want our youth to be excited about BTCC.  Our objective is to make the BTCC ministry a vital part of their lives and we want them to have fun and enjoy being a part of the family.

II. Blessed Temple Church Family Continued

Marriage & Singles Ministry:  This Ministry will be set up to meet the needs of married couples and singles.  We will work with couples and also those who are single, dating, engaged or are seriously thinking about marriage.  A strong and a healthy marriage will lead to a strong and a healthy church.    

III.   Reaching Our Hurting Community and Meeting Their Needs - Matthew 25: 35-36

Oregon Food Bank - Volunteering our time to help those in need & providing food baskets to those in need.

Clothing & Back To School Give-A-Way - Held 3-4 times per year where our ministry gives away lightly used clothing and new school supplies.

Gang Outreach & Prison Ministry - Reaching those who are involved in gangs or may be at risk of becoming gang members and ministering to those who are behind prison walls.  The purpose of this Ministry is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are at risk and involved in gangs and to those who are incarcerated and are unable to attend a worship service on their own.

Resume and Job Training - Will establish this in the future.  Presently this is handled on a case-by-case basis with Pastor & Lady J.

BTCC will continue to strive to meet the immediate needs of those who are less fortunate than others or who have fallen on difficult times.  Our number one goal is to get past meeting a temporary need and get them to a place where they can turn their situation around with the help of God and the support of BTCC.  In order to accomplish this goal, BTCC will be needing facilities that can provide temporary housing and job training centers so that these individuals can once again become productive members of society. 

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day!  Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.      




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