Blessed Temple Community Church Ministries

Our key objective is to build up and strengthen the family using God's Word as our guide.

Men's Ministry

Our purpose is to define Biblical authentic manhood. In our society, being a man can be confusing. There are many definitions of what it means to be a man based on the world's value system and standards. The Biblical call to manhood will involve leading courageously, accepting responsibility, rejecting passivity and investing in eternity.

A strong and healthy department of men will be able to minister to the needs of those that they come in contact with. In Proverbs 27:17 we are told, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Strong men help to build up other men.

The men will become the Priest, the Protector and the Provider of their homes as they strive to become complete in Christ. To be complete in Christ means that we are happy in being a man! Our men will in-turn, be able to minister to the younger generation right where they are. We will have prayer gatherings & Bible studies, meetings, retreats and other outings that are designed to make us the men that God would have us to be.

Women's Ministry

The Women's Department is designed and set up to minister to the needs of the women that make up the BTCC family and our community. The Word of God is our blueprint and Proverbs 31 is a key to our success. We meet on a regular basis to discuss the challenges we may be experiencing first as a woman, a mother, a wife, a sister or a woman in the church. These meetings may consist of prayer, Bible study or we may meet just for a time of fun.

Our retreats for women: The women are ministered to holistically - spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Our retreats and gatherings provide a safe place for women to be themselves and share their unique challenges outside of their church and agency.

Women are relationship-oriented and need to connect with other women in order to grow, mature, and learn from others who have gone before or to share what they themselves have learned on the journey of faith. God-honoring women's ministry equips us to understand our worth, embrace our gifts, and live God's mission in our lives.

Youth Ministry


Our purpose is to bring youth into a closer relationship with Jesus and one another. We will mentor and guide youth through this time of spiritual formation and help them and their families adapt the teachings of Jesus (Love, Mercy and Grace) so that they may develop a deeper committed relationship with Jesus. It is through that purpose that our vision is to provide a quality Youth Ministry program by providing the tools for youth to explore, expand and build their faith. We will continue to challenge and encourage youth to commit their lives to Christ. We believe that:
  • Youth Ministry is Youth and Family based. Youth ministry focuses on the youth and their families and must work to support/strengthen them in every way possible.
  • Youth Ministry is Congregational. The responsibility for Youth Ministry resides with the Congregation as a whole. The congregation pledges to raise the child in a community of faith.
  • Youth Ministry is Bible based. The Bible is the primary source for information about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the main resource of the Christian faith.
  • Youth Ministry is Discipleship. We seek to bring Youth and their families into a meaningful relationship with Jesus in a way that they are challenged to make a personal, life changing commitment.
  • Youth Ministry is Relational. Youth Ministry encourages youth to develop a personal relationship with Christ and each other. We strive to build a community of faith by nurturing one another in love and fellowship.
  • Youth Ministry in Invitational. Our goal is to be inclusive of all youth and their families. We encourage and invite youth to join the youth group at any point during the year.
  • Youth Ministry is Missions. It is an opportunity for youth to experience and tend to the many needs of God's people.
  • Youth Ministry Encourages and Develops Youth as Leaders to create, train and empower the youth to become leaders in not only the youth group, but to take an active role in worship and to participate in the administration of the various committees of the church.
  • Youth Ministry Utilizes a Team Approach. We are in ministry together as adults and with the youth, guiding and growing as we learn together. We recognize that we are role models for our youth and they need a multilevel/varied approach in ministering to their many needs within the Risk Management policy.
We want our youth to be excited about BTCC. Our objective is to make the BTCC ministry a vital part of their lives and we want them to have fun and enjoy being a part of the family.

Marriage & Singles Ministry

This Ministry is set up to meet the needs of married couples and singles. We will work with couples and also those who are single, dating, engaged or are seriously thinking about marriage. A strong and a healthy marriage will lead to a strong and a healthy church.

Reaching Our Hurting Community and Meeting Their Needs - How we give back: Matthew 25: 35-36

Oregon Food Bank - Volunteering our time to help those in need & providing food baskets to fill that natural void.

Sunday Evening Bread Ministry - Every Sunday evening at 5:30pm, the members of BTCC meet at the church to prepare and deliver bread baskets to the less fortunate.
Clothing & Back To School Give-A-Way - Held 3-4 times per year where our ministry gives away lightly used clothing and new school supplies.

Wednesday Night FeedingBlessed Temple Community Church assists Peace Luther Church with the free feeding every Wednesday evening at 6:00pm at the church.

Resume Assistance and Job Interview Skill Training Assistance - Presently this is handled on a case-by-case basis with the board of BTCC.

BTCC will continue to strive to meet the immediate needs of those who are less fortunate than others or who have fallen on difficult times. Our number one goal is to get past meeting a temporary need and get them to a place where they can turn their situation around with the help of God and the support of BTCC.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day! Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.


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