Becoming a new church member can be a little intimidating for many people. At BTCC we want to make that experience pleasant and one that you will remember forever. We make it a priority to connect and to stay connected with all of our church family. Our new members enjoy this kind of connection because it makes our church their church too.

A new member packet is given to every new BTCC family member. This packet contains valuable information about our beliefs, values, goals, contact information, church directory, organizational structure, church history and a spiritual gift survey. This new member packet is a valuable tool that provides you with information about your new BTCC family.  

Our BTCC family takes the initiative to establish and build relationships with our new members. We take the time to learn not only your names but also what your interests are.  We will sit with our new members during our church gatherings and go out to eat together as a family.  People can usually tell when they are loved and BTCC has a way of genuinely demonstrating and making you feel that love.

Our required New Member class is probably the best way to learn about BTCC and how you can connect with the ministry. Once this class is completed, active participation in Sunday School, Thursday evening Bible Study or becoming an active member of one of our small groups will help to make that connection even stronger. It is within these smaller group settings that friendships are formed and relationships are strengthened.   

BTCC makes sure that our new members not only feel like they are wanted, but we want them to know that they are needed and valued. We do this by getting them involved in ministry that is appropriate for new members. Our new members are involved in our food & clothing give-a-way, feeding program, greeters, Vacation Bible School and they also help with our sound and media ministry.

Our BTCC family is never too busy to build relationships with those within the fellowship. We realize that as a church grows, sometimes staff availability diminishes. We are committed to do everything in our power to connect with God’s people. The invitation is always open for you to connect or schedule time with any of the BTCC family members.



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